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Siquijor photoAbout Siquijor Island

In the Philippines, Siquijor Island is known as "The Island of the Black Magic." It is a place where the witchcrafts are made.This island is also called “The Island of Medicinal Herbs.” Yearly, there are a lot of Filipinos and foreigners visited this island just to get these herbs for the treatment of some illnesses.
People in Siquijor Island believed that “Boroboro” the Charm Master, can cure sickness by using a bottle made of glass, straw, and magical stones.Therefore, the Siquijor Island will also be called “The God’s Secret Island” and this impression is being respected in the Philippines.
Actually, Siquijor is a beautiful island because it’s rich with white corals, white sandy beaches, green meadows not to mention the captivating blue sea and sky.

The circumference of the island is about 80km. and the population is about 80,000.
The local residents are modest and children in the island have shy but friendly smiles.Most of the resident on the island believe in Christianity and because of that, they combined religion in their lifestyle.Many European and American people settled in this island and their number had increased recently. They must have liked the peacefulness of this island.Almost everyone in the island can speak English, so it is a suitable place for the European and American people as well because they can be understood by the local resident.

The average yearly temperature is 27.8 degreesThere is a little difference of the temperature in daytime and in night time.Even without air conditioner, your stay will still be comfortable because of the kind of temperature this island has.

It takes about 3 hours from Cebu Island; the island isn’t yet recognized as a sightseeing spot of the Philippines.
There are no big resorts on this island. There are only few small resorts that the European or American manages.
The main industry here in Siquijor Island is agriculture and fishing.

Local residents on this island don’t need to work too much because of the simplicity of their lifestyle or what we called “simple living”. Basic needs can be found on this island.

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10% of our sales are used for education of the children in Siquijor Island.