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“Blue sea, stars in the heavens, sandy beach of pure white coral and rich green island of Siquijor”- By Toshito Harada

There are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines but only few islands are known and these are Manila in Luzon, Cebu, Boracay, and Bohol. Those foreign tourists who know Siquijor Island are mainly divers.
Siquijor Island takes four or five hours travel from Cebu Island. From Manila, it is just three hours to travel via Dumaguete of Negros Oriental.As of today, Siquijor Island hasn’t yet become a sightseeing spot.There are small resorts that you can find which some Westerners likes to go to too. How wonderful it is to know there’s still a beautiful sea and nature that exists.
VILLA MARMARINE is a small resort having four cottages and restaurants that started 5years ago. It was in year 2005 that this new resort was opened. Villa Marmairne is a resort that was able to enjoy divers because a diving shop was opened.
The Diving Shop was opened in year 2007. You can watch the beauty of the deep blue sea at the front of the cottages. It is a very private resort and so most of the time nobody is swimming in the sea. So, I want you to taste the luxury of swimming in the sea because nobody will ever disturb you. Soft Coral spreads out to around 100m from the shore and you can watch a lot of Yellowtail clown fishes and other lovely fishes. There is an anemone fish known as "NEMO" too.
At the beach, the sand reaches up to 2 kilometers. A sandy beach of white coral spreads out too. This beach is the most beautiful beach in Siquijor Island. You might want to watch small fishes at night while walking at the shore with the torch.
The torch is made of a dried palm leaf. Palm trees are the home of the fireflies that shines at night. Because the beach locates in the north side of the island, the sea is so calm like a lake from April to September where the south wind blows.
The circumference of VILLA MARMARINE is like a villa place of Swiss, German, and American, and so peaceful. For a family having small children and a person who searches tranquility, this is the best beach. You can also enjoy the sea of Villa Marmarine by snorkeling. There is a protection district of nature in the island. You can watch a lot of bigger fishes there too. There are famous diving spots such as the Apo Island, Balicasag Island, and Sumi Lon Island near Siquijor Island. It is a good location for a person who wants to try diving. Smiles of children on the Island are very lovely.
However, there are many children who cannot go to the school because of financial problem. Moreover, many schools there don’t have water and restrooms. To help those children, 10% of the staying expense is applied. I want a lot of people to know the beauty of Siquijor Island. If more people could come, more children will be helped. We will wait for your coming.
Hope you can visit us soon.
Siquijors angel
Please support in NGO "Siquijors angel !!"
The Meeting that supports educational improvement of the children in Siquijor Island

The children on the island are very simple, shy, and lovely.I am a former elementary school teacher. I went to elementary schools just to see their beautiful smiles. I teach them some greetings in Japanese like Ohayo, Konnichiwa, Arigato, etc.
I play with the children. I teach them Origami ("Origami" is one of unique traditional japanese arts.), sing a song, skip rope, volleyball and dodge ball. At first the children are shy but later on the children become accustomed to it. They even say; "Good morning Daman" and "Daman ...moreover...” as follows.
I was shocked that half of the schools in Siquijor do not have water and restrooms. They have free time in school for an hour and go to draw it up in the water hole of 1km. They make the forest nearby as their restroom. Water is insufficient and so washing of hands is not being applied. It is very unsanitary.
When I noticed it, it made me to recall what I learned in Junior Red Cross and planned to apply it on them. I established the NGO "Siquijors Angel” with my former students and asked donations through radio stations and newspapers. Furthermore, I worked with my friend at the Rotary Club. We were able to give assistance by constructing restrooms and water facilities in ten schools in two years.
In addition to that, I allocate 10% of the hotel for the university scholarship of those boys/girls who cannot afford the tuition fee. There are a lot of children who cannot go to school even if they wanted to. If you come and visit us, more children will be help. Please come to this peaceful, beautiful island of Siquijor.
We will wait for you.

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©2005 Toshito Harada
10% of our sales are used for education of the children in Siquijor Island.