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diving Villa Marmarine Diving Center

Welcome to Villa Marmarine Dive Center. We are an experienced dive center located in the heart of Siquijor. We have been open for business on Siquijor since 2010. We have same location, Villa Marmarine Dive Center is just inside of Villa Marmarine beach resort. We have an experienced staff on hand to assist you in any diving matter and let you feel the Filipino Japanese hospitality.

Our dive center is one of the established scuba diving operators in the Siquijor,Visayas. The central part of the Philippines. Villa Marmarine is one of the dive centers at Siquijor and our guys explored this, now well known dive area. There is even dive sites that we are really proud to let you explore.

Today we are still working hand to get more people over here and we facilitate where we can, to make the Philippines a first class destination. We are continually fine tuning our services to accommodate and provide more possibilities for you. We have built up a year of experience and have different services to meet your needs. We offer a full service diving holiday and more. Island hopping, fun dives, PADI scuba diving courses in multiple languages, accommodations to suit your holiday needs, land tours, transfers, and of course everything with a professional and personal touch. We take care of you!

Further more, it is also accessible to go to the other island from the island of Siquijor where most divers would yearn thru diving boat and it takes only one to two hours to reach the other islands. These islands are Apo Island, the Balicasag Island, and the Sumi Lon Island.


The Balicasag Island is of beauty that is not lesser than Apo Island. There are some of the best dive sites in the Philippines. It is also declared as a marine sanctuary. On shallow waters, one can spot corals and fishes. The transparency of the water might be more than the transparency of the water in Apo Island. The Balicasag Island is also under the protection district, so you can see many beautiful corals and big eyed kingfishes. Also you can see various kinds of fish such as Black fin barracuda, flathead bass, damselfish, giant angler fish, teira batfish and turtles. These families used to live mainly on fishing. Women also weave souvenir items to sell to tourists. And lots of things to enjoy here, In addition, we often encounter dolphins as we go and return from the island.
P3,100 --- for 2 boat dives
P1,500 --- for boat ride fee
P 4,600/ person ----total cost per head
(P 1,000.00 ?cost for additional 1 dive)
(It includes Equipment, Breakfast during the way going )
Minimum: 3person ----- total for 3 pax is P 13,800.00

restaurant Leisure
About on how to enjoy the Siquijor Island that VILLA MARMARINE recommends is to dominate the beautiful sea and the time that flows gradually.
Slip out of bed early in the morning and enjoy the sun rise. It is the most luxurious moment that words cannot express.
You can join octopus catching and catching sea urchin and shellfish too.
It is the island of mystery.
You can experience the mysterious world by meeting one of the Charm masters in the island named Boroboro.
The Touch of children’s smiles at the school is also very popular.

The hotel faces the quietest and most beautiful beach in the area.
Please enjoy snorkeling.
There is Nemo, too!

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10% of our sales are used for education of the children in Siquijor Island.